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RETaiL Unlimited - DAPoS

DAPoS (Digital Audio Point of Sale) is simply in-store audio marketing. Complimenting the visual buying experience with prominent audio triggers. Sight and Sound. Afterall, what is one without the other?

Together with our team of industry experts, our clients agree that all production must be of the highest standard to achieve maximum impact in order to improve and influence the buying experience.

Here at RETaiL Unlimited we accept nothing short of perfection and attention to detail, reiterating the significance of the Sight and Sound buying experience.

Click any one of the 'play' buttons below listen to a live stream from some of our valued existing clients. Or play either of our Covid-19 Customer Awarness Streams throughout your store for free, from your mobile, tablet, PC, laptop or any connected device.

Linktown Local Premier Instore Live Playout

The Designer Rooms Instore Live Network


Jacks of Blantyre Instore Live Playout


Stream For Free - Covid-19 Customer Safety Awareness (PPL/PRS Licence Required)

Stream For Free - Covid-19 Customer Safety Awareness (Non Licenced Music)

Antonine Shopping Centre Live Playout

RETaiL Unlimited

We are all customers, and when we shop perception matters, whether we realise it or not. Our immediate thoughts are shaped in the first few seconds we enter our chosen destination, and it is these instantaneous reflections that dictate our shopping experience.

Decor, layout, product selection and price are important factors that help determine our buying patterns, but with our eyes we chose only to see what we desire.

There is a far greater intuitive influence… something that impacts and triggers our subconscious with simple emotive intrusion... DAPoS – Digital Audio Point of Sale.

Structured audio marketing is integral to creating the ultimate influential customer buying experience.

Your business branded stream is just £24.99 per month, with upgrades and bolt-ons available and includes promotional messages, in-store offers, hourly news updates and Covid-19 safety measures - All complimented by popular music from a carefully selected library of over 3500 tracks.

Just click 'Sign Up' at the top of the page, then fill in a few details to start your free 30 day trial.

'Our branded audio system is an integral part of our business and has been since we started our partnership with Retail Unlimited. Helping us deliver amazing value and exclusive offers by audio, direct to customers as they shop creates an enhanced personal shopping experience. Our staff love the selection of music too!'

Faraz Iqbal, from the Multi-Award Winning Linktown Local Premier.

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